Meelis Kubo

Meelis Kubo is an Estonian magician from the newer generation – he stepped out in front of the public in fall 2006 and has since then dazzled smaller and larger audiences in Estonia as well as abroad, performed in different television shows and written articles about the field of magic.

In 2007 in collaboration with Muusikamaailm OÜ, Meelis took a full-length magic show called “Miraakel” (Miracle) on the road to 13 towns and cities across Estonia.

Meelis Kubo is one of the founding members of the Society of Estonian Magicians, as well as a member of its management board. The Society was founded on April 30th, 2008.

In the fall of the same year, Meelis, Charlekas, Kevin-Chris, Simeoni Sundja and Tom Pintson brought the show “Tabalukk” (Padlock) to stages in Tallinn and Tartu.

In the beginning of 2009, Meelis and Ande’s book on magic entitled “Lembitu maagiline maailm” (Lembit’s Magical World) appeared in bookstores.

In the spring of the same year, Meelis and Charlekas had a weekly segment on the Estonian Television’s morning show “Terevisioon” and in November, they premiered their shock magic show “Räpane sessioon” (Dirty Session), where they took on the roles of notorious surgeons Dr. Cubo and Prof. Charlekas.


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On November 22, 2009, the Society of Estonian Magicians celebrated the grand old man’s big day with an elaborate Gala show. The event took place on the Sky Stage of the Tallinn City Theatre. Participants included the local magicians’ elite, as well as performers from Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. A total of 10 illusionists performed [...]

In November 2009, Meelis Kubo and Charlekas took on the roles of illegal surgeons and brought the theatrical shock magic show “Dirty Session” to Cabaret Rhizome’s stage. The goal was to offer the public totally new and original magic that brings horror film-like entertainment to the stage through the use of shocking and blood curdling [...]

The series of magic shows at Cabaret Rhizome continued in October with a close up magic show. Close up magic is a type of magic where the illusions are performed in close proximity to the viewer, right in front of their eyes. No light effects or large, bulky boxes, just straight forward art a few [...]

On August 22nd, 2009, Võru transformed into the most magical place in Estonia, when the 225th anniversary events of the town of Võru culminated in a fantasy filled magic show “Magical Võru – in the footsteps of Kastrozza” at the cultural center Kannel. In “Magical Võru”, Kannel’s stage saw the top Estonian magicians, who put [...]

On May 3rd, 2009, the Society of Estonian Magicians organized a Gala Show at the Salme cultural center. This event was a celebration of the first year of the Society’s existence, as well as its first big public joint performance. The show hosted by Meelis Kubo was in two parts. In the first part, magicians [...]

The Society of Estonian Magicians and Muusikamaailm LTD brought an unprecedented collaborative show to the stage in fall 2008 that was astounding in its diversity. What made the show special was the fact that while magicians usually practice and act alone, “Padlock” brought five talented artists to the stage to represent several different aspects of [...]