Taimar Müller

Taimar Müller has been active in magic for over three years. Most of the time he can be found either on stage or learning about magic to perfect his skills.

Taimar has performed in Estonia and elsewhere. He mostly prefers performing in front of large publics, but this young man also does close up magic. In order for each performance to have something for everyone, Taimar’s repertoire includes a wide variety of tricks. All of his shows are spiced with a special blend of humor.

Taimar has also participated in several shows of the Society of Estonian Magicians, such as “Séance”, “Magical Võru”, “Close Up Magic Show” and “Gala Show”. In the last one, Taimar was chosen by the jury to be one of two Young Future Hope special prize winners.

In order to keep his stage skills at a high level and improve them, Taimar also acts in addition to performing magic.



Phone: +37256480579
E-mail: taimarmyller(at)


The series of magic shows at Cabaret Rhizome continued in October with a close up magic show. Close up magic is a type of magic where the illusions are performed in close proximity to the viewer, right in front of their eyes. No light effects or large, bulky boxes, just straight forward art a few [...]

On August 22nd, 2009, Võru transformed into the most magical place in Estonia, when the 225th anniversary events of the town of Võru culminated in a fantasy filled magic show “Magical Võru – in the footsteps of Kastrozza” at the cultural center Kannel. In “Magical Võru”, Kannel’s stage saw the top Estonian magicians, who put [...]

On May 3rd, 2009, the Society of Estonian Magicians organized a Gala Show at the Salme cultural center. This event was a celebration of the first year of the Society’s existence, as well as its first big public joint performance. The show hosted by Meelis Kubo was in two parts. In the first part, magicians [...]

“Séance” was a full-length magic show that presented magic as well as mentalism. The main performers were Taimar Müller and Mikk Pärg. For these young men studying in the eighth grade, “Séance” was the first full-length joint performance. Séance was also joined by three young and talented musicians: Anette Vetik, Jakob Koppel and Georg Tulver. [...]