Erich Udras

Erich Udras, the grand old man of Estonian magic, has been dealing with visual trickery for over 40 years.

Magic attracted him already during his school years; however, he started actively developing his skills while in military service in Russia and during his university studies. At that time he was also interested in psychology and hypnosis. Erich organized sessions for entertainment and he noticed that if the public is shown a few magic tricks to start out with, they became more receptive to the hypnosis.

Tricks with metal rings, balls and silk scarves have an important part in Erich Udras’ repertoire. His entertaining watch and jewelry “thefts” are also legendary all over Estonia. At his 70th birthday gala show, Udras commented to the Channel 2 show “Reporter”: “You just show up to perform and you don’t even have to take anything with you. Everything you need is in other peoples’ pockets.”

Erich Udras is one of the founders of the Society of Estonian Magicians and its current president.



On November 22, 2009, the Society of Estonian Magicians celebrated the grand old man’s big day with an elaborate Gala show. The event took place on the Sky Stage of the Tallinn City Theatre. Participants included the local magicians’ elite, as well as performers from Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. A total of 10 illusionists performed [...]

On May 3rd, 2009, the Society of Estonian Magicians organized a Gala Show at the Salme cultural center. This event was a celebration of the first year of the Society’s existence, as well as its first big public joint performance. The show hosted by Meelis Kubo was in two parts. In the first part, magicians [...]