Fred-Erik Johanson

Fred-Erik Johanson has been practicing magic for over five years already. Even as a small child, he liked fantasy novels and films, so the road to magic was a logical continuance for him – magic is a means for doing something that isn’t really possible.

Fred mainly deals with manipulation and stage shows. In his performances, Fred puts a lot of importance on the music. Sometimes the whole performance will be a musical one, where not a single word is spoken – after all, music is the international language that everyone can understand.

Since magicians in Estonia are relatively rare, all magicians have to be acquainted with other branches of magic and be ready to change their programs as needed. Fred is no exception in this.

One of Fred-Erik’s main genres is magic for children. This is why his illusions are rather quick, don’t involve a lot of text and are extremely visual. Humor, of course, also has its place in these tricks.

Naturally, Fred doesn’t perform only for children and he is more than capable of providing the entertainment for a company party or a gala evening.

Fred considers the classical magicians as his influence – Lance Burton, Neil Foster, Cardini, Channing Pollock, James Dimmare and Dale Salwak, to name a few. Their work is also a source of inspiration for his performing style.



E-mail: johanson(at)
Phone: +372 58855502


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