11.2009. “Dirty Session”

In November 2009, Meelis Kubo and Charlekas took on the roles of illegal surgeons and brought the theatrical shock magic show “Dirty Session” to Cabaret Rhizome’s stage.

The goal was to offer the public totally new and original magic that brings horror film-like entertainment to the stage through the use of shocking and blood curdling magic tricks.

The show was created as an integrated whole. According to the legend, Dr. Cubo had spent the past 12 years in Indonesia, rewiring patients’ sensory organs. Professor Charlekas, on the other hand, worked illegally in South America, performing gruesome brain surgery. But since their situation in these areas soon got heated, the notorious surgeons decided to move back to Estonia and open their operation room once again in Cabaret Rhizome.

The show is made up of short sketches that tell the tale of Cubo’s and Charlekas’ bloody actions abroad.

A total of 5 shows were performed on November 13-15, 20 and 21, each of them completely sold out. The success of the show was also reflected in critical articles in the Estonian newspapers Eesti Ekspress and Õhtuleht.

In April, Dr. Cubo and Prof. Charlekas opened shop again on four occasions. The magic shows took place on April 8-11th, at 7pm.



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