22.11.2009. Erich Udras 70

On November 22, 2009, the Society of Estonian Magicians celebrated the grand old man’s big day with an elaborate Gala show.

The event took place on the Sky Stage of the Tallinn City Theatre. Participants included the local magicians’ elite, as well as performers from Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. A total of 10 illusionists performed during the hour and a half long Gala show, each putting forth their best programs.

Among others there was also a performance by Robert Jägerhorn, the president of the Finnish Magic Circle, who has gained international recognition for his show “8 Minutes to Landing”. This recognition came in the year 2006, when Robert won third place at the FISM competition (the so-called Olympics of magic).

The birthday boy himself performed a completely new set and, of course, delighted crowds with his legendary tricks.

Among other well-wishers was Solmu Mäkela, the legendary and best known Finnish magician of all times, who despite his advanced age decided to come to Tallinn to shake his good friend Erich’s hand. In addition to magic societies from the Baltics and Finland, Mr. Udras also received recognition and a letter of appreciation from the Tallinn city government, the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the Tallinn Cultural Heritage Department.

The show was also taped by Estonia’s three main television channels.

At Mr. Udras’ birthday gala, the Society of Estonian Magicians and the Association of Baltic Illusionists (AMBER) signed a partnership agreement, the first official international document for the Estonian side, which will be the basis for future collaborations with magicians in the Baltic states.


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