10.2009. CLOSE UP

The series of magic shows at Cabaret Rhizome continued in October with a close up magic show.

Close up magic is a type of magic where the illusions are performed in close proximity to the viewer, right in front of their eyes. No light effects or large, bulky boxes, just straight forward art a few meters from the public. Close up magic is the purest expression of the magical arts, based on incredible card handling skills, diversions and trickery.

For the first time in Estonia, Cabaret Rhizome offered the public close up magic in a comfortable setting, where the whole audience could also participate. The theatre accommodates 35 viewers, so the magic was essentially at a hand’s reach for the public. The performers were magicians from the Society of Estonian Magicians.

The shows were performed on October 9, 10, 29 and 30 at 7pm.

The performers were: