Aleksandr Zamashka is a traveling magician, whose adventure began long before he devoted himself to the wonders of art and illusions. He decided to find happiness in his life and to tell people about it. Despite his age, a young magician has travelled almost all over the world, surprising and inspiring people by the art [...]

Charlekas a.k.a. Karl Eelmaa was born a magician … Where and when is not precisely known … He’s here to spread the message that despite the differing currents in technology and trends, human nature remains the same through the millennia, especially when it comes to diverting attention. The hours of lab work in dark medieval [...]

Erich Udras, the grand old man of Estonian magic, has been dealing with visual trickery for over 40 years. Magic attracted him already during his school years; however, he started actively developing his skills while in military service in Russia and during his university studies. At that time he was also interested in psychology and [...]

Fred-Erik Johanson has been practicing magic for over five years already. Even as a small child, he liked fantasy novels and films, so the road to magic was a logical continuance for him – magic is a means for doing something that isn’t really possible. Fred mainly deals with manipulation and stage shows. In his [...]

Meelis Kubo is an Estonian magician from the newer generation – he stepped out in front of the public in fall 2006 and has since then dazzled smaller and larger audiences in Estonia as well as abroad, performed in different television shows and written articles about the field of magic. In 2007 in collaboration with [...]

Mikk Pärg is a young, 15 year old magician from Pärnu. He has been active in magic for about a year and a half. During that time he has performed in various places across Estonia. His biggest performance to date was in Pärnu, on Jõulumäe, in front of about 350 people. Mikk is dedicated to [...]

Taimar Müller has been active in magic for over three years. Most of the time he can be found either on stage or learning about magic to perfect his skills. Taimar has performed in Estonia and elsewhere. He mostly prefers performing in front of large publics, but this young man also does close up magic. [...]