Aleksandr Zamashka

Aleksandr Zamashka is a traveling magician, whose adventure began long before he devoted himself to the wonders of art and illusions. He decided to find happiness in his life and to tell people about it.

Despite his age, a young magician has travelled almost all over the world, surprising and inspiring people by the art of illusion.
“I am very pleased that people are still capable to be amazed. I’m happy, when I see these smiling and shining faces, which returns to the life and faith in miracles,” said the magician after performance in the orphanages of St. Petersburg (see photos).

Zamashka Aleksandr has visited India, Russia, Poland, Scotland, Germany, Ukraine and other equally mysterious places.

“Unfortunately, I can’t bring video for the memory from all trips, but I assure you, that live performance is much more interesting to watch,” says the magician with mysterious smile.

Nobody knows, where is he today, but one thing is definitely clear- that his adventures are just beginning and he is waiting to meet You.





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