Alex & Steave

Alex and Steave went to same school, they attended parallel classes. To say that they are diverse people – to say nothing, because they were interested in everything, especially becoming the best at what they do.

Inside Alex and Steave felt that it is not enough of something special. They always wanted to do something magical and unusual, so they decided to master the art of illusions.

Alex and Steave started to show magic at school breaks to classmates and friends. Soon they moved on to the streets and started shooting video clips, implementing their ideas.

Right people noticed their talent and club and party performances gave them a huge experience in creativity. Their thinking started to change, boys worked hardly and searched for the best.

Now as nearly two years have passed, Alex and Steave slowly gain experience and confidence in what they do. Plans for the future are clear – do everything in their power to give people unforgettable experience.

Alex and Steave show street magic and close up, performing in Russian and in English.


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