AMBER – The Association of Baltic Illusionists was created on April 29th, 2008, by the Latvian illusionist Elena Grigoryeva and the Latvian magician Nikolajus Jegorovas. The association got its start at the well-known restaurant Riga Black Magic in the center of Riga. AMBER joins together mostly professional magicians from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia.
During Erich Udras’ 70th birthday show at the end of 2009, the Society of Estonian Magicians and AMBER signed an official partnership agreement. The objective of this agreement is to develop the organizations’ relationship, exchange experiences, organize joint competitions and give recognition to members of both organizations.


A.M.B.E.R. (Association of Magicians of Baltic – Established in Riga) is the oldest association of magicians in Latvia. As of 2002, they organize yearly meetings and in 2008, the club was officially registered.
In 2009, they joined IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) as member nr 376.
At the beginning of 2010. the association has 27 members.
A.M.B.E.R. also organizes a yearly international magic event called ABRAKADABRA.


Bumtsiki, Estonia’s biggest forum on magic, was opened on March 15th, 2006. The forum is open to all amateurs as well as professional magicians. Those who have proven themselves are gladly given advice and help and by now several people who have joined as amateurs have become quite serious magicians.

Cabaret Rhizome

In fall 2009, Cabaret Rhizome and the Society of Estonian Magicians signed a mutual collaboration agreement. That led to Cabaret Rhizome hosting a magic show in their cozy cellar theatre at least once a month starting in September of the same year. The comfortable sofas in the theatre accommodate up to 35 viewers, making it a place where the audience can get very close to the magic.

Hea Laps

The children’s magazine “Hea Laps” is quite a big kid already – in 2009 they celebrated their 15th birthday. This magazine is the only one to feature regular articles about magicians. The Society’s member Ande has been working with them since 2004. The editor in chief of the magazine is Leelo Tungal.

Hea Laps is an accompanying website to the magic book “Lembitu maagiline maailm” (“The Magical World of Lembit”) written by Society members Meelis Kubo and Ande. The title character of the book is Lembit – a regular 11 year old boy whose favorite hobby is magic. With the help of Lembit, the book and the website explore this ancient art.


This shop for poker accessories is the best retailer of quality playing cards in Estonia. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it’s the go-to place for all Society members for replenishing their supplies.


The Finnish Magic Circle Taikapiiri was founded on January 16th, 1945. Currently the circle has exactly 52 members – just as many members as there are cards in one deck.

The former presidents of the Finnish Magic Circle are:
Julius Sundman 1945-1959
Solmu Mäkelä 1960-1994
Timo Kulmakko 1995-1997
Markku Purho 1998-2003
Timo Kulmakko 2004-2005
Robert Jägerhorn 2006-2009


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