Becoming a member

In order to become a member of the Society of Estonian Magicians, the first step would definitely be reading the articles of association. If the terms in the articles are acceptable, you should contact the Society’s managing board to arrange a meeting. It would be very good, if the new potential member had a recommendation from within the Society.

It should be noted here that the Society of Estonian Magicians is not a school of magic, where tricks will be taught to all those who are interested. Everyone attempting to gain membership should have independently acquired at least a certain level in theoretical knowledge about magic, as well as in practical tricks.

At the meeting with the board, it will be decided whether the potential member is suitable for the Society or not. If the person meets the requirements, he or she will fill out an application, pay the entrance and membership fees, and then he or she will be accepted as a candidate member.

The trial period for the candidate member is six months, during which he or she has to participate in the Society’s activities and share their progress in magic with other members.

When the trial period is over, the newcomer will be a full-fledged member of the Society.


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