1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1 The Society of Estonian Magicians, a non-profit organization, (henceforth Society) is a voluntary, independent union of professional and amateur magicians. 1.2 The official name of the Society is Mittetulundusühing Eesti Mustkunstnike Liit and the Society is located in Tallinn, the Republic of Estonia. 1.3 The name of the Society in the [...]

In order to become a member of the Society of Estonian Magicians, the first step would definitely be reading the articles of association. If the terms in the articles are acceptable, you should contact the Society’s managing board to arrange a meeting. It would be very good, if the new potential member had a recommendation [...]

The e-mail address for the Society of Estonian Magicians is: info(at)mustkunst.ee. * Name * E-mail Phone * Subject * Enter confirmation code * Message If you wish to contact a particular magician, you can find his contact information in his profile.

AMBER AMBER – The Association of Baltic Illusionists was created on April 29th, 2008, by the Latvian illusionist Elena Grigoryeva and the Latvian magician Nikolajus Jegorovas. The association got its start at the well-known restaurant Riga Black Magic in the center of Riga. AMBER joins together mostly professional magicians from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and [...]